On www.hooiruif.eu you can find all hay racks for horses, cattle, sheep and goats. You can also find hay nets and smaller hay wallracks.

There are a lot of different hay racks, and that is the reason why we have made a different webshop for these products.

The webshop is very clear, because there are only hay racks, hay nets and slowfeeder nets on this site.
Whether you are looking for a hay rack for a horse, a cow, sheep or goats. You can find almost every possibility on this website!
We also deliver hay nets and slowfeeder nets that are mostly used in the horse industry. You can also find this assortment on this website.

Would you like to receive an offer, or would you like to get advice for your situation? Below you find our contact information.

Contact information:
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3774 TA Kootwijkerbroek
0031 (0)342-444585