On the website you can find all the information about our rubber horse mattresses, stable walls and pavers. We have had these exclusive products in our range for some time. The Stablecomfort horse mattress is made up out of different layers. The first layer is a multi-celled mattress, which is filled with rubber crumbs, then there is a layer of the same rubber cells which provides an evenly distributed soft bedding, and next comes a rubber-coated waterproof and slip resistant topcover. For the optimal comfort of your horse and pony, and helps you save tima and money. The Stablecomfort horse mattress is comparable with 6 inches (15 cm) of bedding in your stable, causing you to use up to 80% less bedding each year.

We deliver multiple options horse mattresses each with it’s own benefits. Take for example the “Stable Wall” this is the perfect addition to every horse stable, which prevents injury from hoof to head. “Interlocking I tiles” 100% recycled out of tyres, anti-slip surface and a great alternative to brick pavers.

You can find more extended information about our horse mattresses, stable wall and pavers on the horse mattress website.

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