On the website www.koematras-comfort.nl you can find all the informationabout mattresses and flooring solutions for cows. We have recently added this exclusive product to our range. Weare dedicated to provied flooring solututions and mattresses, while traying to improve overall animal health. To make an optimal cow comfort experience, we combine the correct stall dimensions with our excellent stall mattresses in combination with bedding. Save time and money easily, and install our products quickly. Due to the design of the product, you only need to use a small amount of bedding, only from a hygienic point of view, and not from a comfortable point of view. De Pasture Mat will stay in it’s original shape, which makes cleaning and mainting the mat easy. positive effects

We deliver multiple options cow mattresses each with it’s own benefits. Take for example the “Pasture Mat” this mattress is available with different kinds op topcovers, and mimics a natural pasture. “Pack Mat” this is a special mattress to replace deep bed stables with the “Pack Mat” you have all the benefits of a deep bed stable, with a decreased sand usage of 50/70%.

You can find more extended information about our cow mattresses on the cow mattress website.

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