During horseback riding, correct posture is crucial for success. You don’t want to disturb the horse, and the risk of injuries is lower when the posture is right. However, maintaining the correct posture can be challenging. The Joker is an equestrian simulator that reflects your posture.

The Joker Horse simulator
The Joker is a dressage riding simulator made of springs, functioning without electricity. You have to set the Joker in motion yourself. Since there are springs in the riding simulator, it doesn’t compensate for the rider’s posture. Horses always seek balance; if it’s lacking, the horse corrects. This can lead to unwanted behavior or performance issues. The Joker covers the gaits of walk, trot, and canter. In all gaits, you can test your posture and learn to synchronize with the horse’s movements. Horses often have a preference for one side, causing you to adjust your posture to the horse or vice versa. The Joker horse simualtor is completely straight, allowing you to see precisely how your posture is. That’s why the Joker horse simulator is ideal for every rider. It aids not only in posture but also in rein contact, precise aids, leg position, timing, coordination, and more. The Joker is used not only in equestrian sports but also in physiotherapy, endorsed by professionals. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, suitable even for clinics.

Benefits for the Instructor
We’ve discussed the advantages for riders, but instructors also benefit from using the Joker. Whether you’re just starting to teach or instructing at the highest level, the Joker enables a different analysis of students. By using the Joker, instructors can help students feel the difference immediately and apply it to a real horse.

Inventor of the Joker
The Joker was invented by the Englishman Kerry Sharp, the son of a professional jockey and a saddle fitter himself. Growing up with horses, his goal was always to provide horses with the most comfortable life possible. Kerry invented the Joker to facilitate the development of riders without disturbing the horse.