I immediately have a nice piece of news to share with you!

We recently started a collaboration with the famous show jump- and course builder Olaf Petersen. Most showjumpers will undoubtedly know him, but herewith a short introduction;

Among other things, he was able to build the Olympic Games courses twice (Seoul in 1988 and Athens in 2004), and delivered no less than 4 times obstacles to the Olympic Games. He has also built courses and has been able to design obstacles for the WEG, World Cup, European Championship, Nations Cup etc.

Olaf Petersen operates in 70 countries worldwide, and its obstacles are of high quality regardless of what they are used for. Whether that is a small jump at home or in the stable, up to the biggest international competitions!
This means that we have even more possibilities to supply other types of obstacles, but also to have (sponsor) obstacles tailor-made for you. Soon we will update our website with some of these exclusive jumps. Until then you can contact us for these obstacles by e-mail: orders@nedlandic.com or by phone: +31 (0)342 444 585

Blog by Leane van Ark